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Power Pro HB

About Powerpro HB 2000

The Pixeljet POWERPRO HB 2000 represents a new era in printing technology, seamlessly blending high-quality output with exceptional productivity and setting a new standard in the industry. Printing in translucent material or white as spot color, this printer is designed for indoor and outdoor applications & handles rigid and flexible media flawlessly.


Pixeljet Powerpro HB 2000 offers a wide range of applications due to its flexible features.

• Retail Signage

Taking advantage of its high-quality printing, one can create attention-grabbing in-store displays and signage with vivid colors and high-resolution graphics.

• Outdoor Advertising

Durable and eye-catching advertisements for billboards, banners, and posters.

• Backlit Displays

Craft stunning & high-quality backlit advertising materials.

• Vehicle Wraps

Customize vibrant & eye-catching vehicle graphics.

• Fine Art Printing

Reproduce fine art pieces with exceptional detail and color accuracy. Elevate your printing capabilities, reduce costs, and broaden your creative horizons with the Pixeljet POWERPRO HB 2000. Revolutionize your business today!

Features & Benefits

1. High-Quality Printing on Diverse Media

Achieve stunning results with high-resolution printing on various uncoated rigid and roll media. Print on translucent materials for captivating backlit applications, or utilize white ink as a spot color to unlock your creative potential.

2. Impressive Speed and Endurance

Experience high-speed printing, reaching up to a remarkable 1200 Sqft/hr. The industrially developed concept ensures the ability to handle larger workloads over extended periods without compromise.

3. Eco-Friendly UV LED Lamps

Save money and time while protecting the environment using UV LED lamps, enabling printing on thermally sensitive materials. Lower energy consumption and enjoy a broader range of applications.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Boost productivity even further with options for multiple board printing and automatic board feeding. UV LED ink offers a wide color spectrum, fast drying times, and remarkable material adaptability.

5. Thin Ink Layer Technology

Utilize the market's most efficient ink usage with Thin Ink Layer technology, minimizing waste and optimizing resource utilization.

6. Extension Table (Optional)

The POWERPRO HB 2000 comes standard with additional large media tables and the default smaller rigid media tables. This makes it possible to print on rigid up to a length of 3.2 m.


Printhead RICOH GEN5 7PL Konica Minolta – 1024i 6PL
Resolution 600×600/600×900/600×1200 dpi
Printing speed Printing speed
Printing speed
Printing speed
Printing speed
Konica Minolta – 10241 8H-4C
4 PASS, 550 Sqft/hr
6 PASS, 420 Sqft/hr
8 PASS, 320 Sqft/hr
Color 4color/6 color/white and varnish
Max. material thickness 0-25mm
Ink drying system LED curing system
Vacuum system YES, with vacuum belt platform.
Printing width 2200mm
Ink UV Curable inks
Optional table work table *2pcs
Color Validity 3-5 years outdoor and 7-10 years indoor without color fading
Ink supply system Auto Negative ink supply
Materials Glass, PMMA, ceramic, Metal, Wood, Leather, flex banner, Wallpaper, film, PVC, etc
Control system Window7/10 64bit
RIP software Photoprint / ONYX
Operation environment Temperature 18°C 26°C is more effectively control static and guarantee printed quality
Humidity 40% -70%. to effectively control static and guarantee printed quality
Power supply Power Maximum: 5KW; AC,50HZ/60HZ; 220v(±10%) > 15A
Image format Tiff,JPEG,EPS, PDF
Package dimensions (L x W x H) 4780 x 1960 x 1850 mm (extension table Option)
Net weight & Gross weight 1300kg & 1800kg