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Packing Shims (Levelling Shims)

Levelling shims are used for alignment and levelling of heavy section steel plate and pre-cast concrete section. Manufactured from high strength, impact modified, rigid plastic they are able to withstand high loads without distortion or breakage. The shims are also fully resistant to corrosion. Available as plain flat section or horseshoe type for fitting around connecting bolts. Shim pads are used for leveling precast concrete parts & facade elements to level and adjust concrete plate blocks etc.


Used for alignment and levelling of heavy section steel plate and pre-cast concrete sections.


Thickness Colour Code Packing Qty
70 x 70 X 1 mm Black SM-0176 1000
70x 70 X 2 mm Black SM-0178 500
70 x70 X 3 mm Black SM-0179 500
70x 70 X 5 mm Black SM-0180 500
70 x 70 X 10 mm Black SM-0181 250
100 x 95 x 10mm Black SM-0182 250

U Packing (Rectangular And Horse Shoe)

These packings (Both rectangular and horse shoe) are used for alignment and levelling of aluminium frame and wall. 


Used for alignment and levelling of aluminium frame and wall.


ThicknessColourCodePacking Qty
100x 75 x1mmBlackSM-01631000
100x 75 x2mmBlackSM-0164500
100x 75 x3mmBlackSM-0165500
100x 75 x5mmBlackSM-0167250
100 x 75 x10mmBlackSM-0168250
70 x 52 x 2mmBlackSM-01691000
70 x 52 x 3mmBlackSM-01701000
70 x52x 4mmBlackSM-01711000
70 X 52 X 5mmBlackSM-0172500
70 x 52 x 10mmBlackSM-0173250

Glass Packing

Glass packing is used for alignment and leveling of aluminium frame and glass.


Put the corner protectors on the 4 edges of the glass

Using for Architectural Glass, Auto Glass, Furniture glass, Stone, Windows & Doors, etc

Application in the glass deep-processing industry: transporting, packing, storage, installation,etc


ThicknessColourCodePacking Qty
100 x 10 x 1mmCLEAR, BLACK, GREYSM-01811000
100X10X3mmCLEAR, BLACK, GREYSM-01821000
100X10X5mmCLEAR, BLACK, GREYSM-01831000
100X20X1mmWHITE, BLACKSM-01841000
100 x 20 x 3mmWHITE, BLACKSM-01861000
100 x 20 x 4mmWHITE, BLACKSM-01871000
100 X 20 X 5mmWHITE, BLACKSM-01881000
100 x20 x 2mmWHITE, BLACKSM-01851000


How to ensure that every process's quality?

Every process will be checked by our quality inspection department which insures every product's quality. In the production of products, we will personally go to the factory to check the quality of products.

How long is your delivery time?

Depends upon various factors like stock, production time etc.

What is your payment method?

TT, Cash, PDC, Credit

Can you provide shim sample?

Sure, for stocked products, we will provide free shim samples.