About Matt Acrylic Sheets

Frosted acrylic sheets has been created to offer a palette of soft pastel colors with the aesthetic appeal of sandblasted glass. The luxurious perception of these products is further enhanced by a matte finish surface texture. These translucent products allow enough light transmission to create a bright and open impression, while obscuring nearby objects.



  1. Reduces the visibility
  2. Creates an opaque effect ensuring privacy
  3. Allows light transmission
  4. Aesthetic appeal resistant to scratches and is low-maintenance


Thickness: 1~100mm
Size Thickness Colors
8×4 2.8m/4mm/6mm/8mm Black Matt
8×4 2.8m/4mm/6mm/8mm Frost Matt
8×4 2.8m/4mm/6mm Opaque Matt


Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, weighs less than half that of glass, shatter resistant, is easier to fabricate, and can be easily formed.

For cast acrylic 10 years warranty is provided.

Cleaning acrylic sheets with mild soap and water is prefered than ammonia based cleaning solution for its longevity

Bulk Orders: You can get in touch with us HERE for bulk quantities.