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Gadoya Holdings:

Great businesses make a profit, but exceptional businesses make an impact. Gadoya Holding puts the latter at focus. We believe that profit is a by-product of creating an impact in the industry. And how do we do that? By producing and supplying products with excellent quality.

Gadoya Holdings began in the year 1990 as a small, 10-person company led by the visionary Mr. Satish Gadoya with the passion to provide something better to the consumers. This passion led to the company spreading its wings across different industries and growing into a conglomerate. Three decades later, after countless smiles of customers and the family of 10-people grew to hundreds, Gadoya still has the same passion that fueled its fire. Ages come and generations change. Carrying the legacy of their father, Piyush and Sachin Gadoya took the company to new heights, with the implementation of modern technology and understanding of the current market, Gadoya Holdings now is a proliferating network of 14 companies deep-seated into industries such as plastics, engineering, real estate, advertisement, sports, and many more.

Gadoya Industries and all the companies that come under it have not only always embraced change, but are at the forefront of it. With change comes growth, learning, and the opportunity to provide something better to the community. Gadoya Holdings will always maintain quality, and a promise to keep customers above all. With Mr. Satish Gadoya as the Chairman and Mr. Sachin Gadoya and Mr. Piyush Gadoya as MDs, Gadoya Holdings and all the companies under it are ready to take on new heights.

Sabin Engineering - UAE

At Sabin Engineering, we combine innovation with world-class technology, backed by 35 years of expertise in the industry to achieve customer satisfaction.

Sabin Engineering manufactures AAA Plastics sheets i.e. Polycarbonate, Extruded Acrylic, GPPPS, HIPS, and ABS, using state-of-the-art German technology with virgin raw materials and a production capacity of up to 8,600 tonnes per year. Our extrusion line delivers uniform products with high precision and minimal defects at every step. Our facilities are also capable of producing high-grade optical quality sheets in specialized “clean rooms”.

AAA Plastics sheets are co-extruded with a UV cap layer to block harmful UV rays and deliver long-term fade-resistance. In addition, all sheets are protected using high-quality PE or paper masking to resist damage during production and transportation.


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Sabin Plastic Industries LLC

Started in 1997 by Mr. Satish Gadoya is a part of well-established Gadoya Holdings, Sabin Plastic, headed by Mr. Sachin Gadoya (MD) is today a renowned company in the Plastic industry which caters to multiple other industries like Construction, Aluminium and Engineering. Mr. Satish Gadoya, the face behind the recognised name has elevated the quality standards over the last 24 years making Sabin, the leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, jerry cans, moulded products,  acrylic sheet, polycarbonate products, signage and large format printing, and growing beyond consistently. 


Sabin Plastic Industries LLC - Qatar

Sabin Plastic’s prolific growth is not just limited to the UAE. in 2016, Sabin’s first foreign branch opened in Qatar, offering the same high-quality products and services. Sabin’s branch in Qatar trades high-quality acrylic and polycarbonate sheets, industrial plastic components and much more. Sabin’s aim is to spread its wings globally, providing the best industrial solutions to every business.


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Gama Engineering

With our vision to provide turnkey electrical and automation engineering solutions, GAMA engineering is one of the two engineering arms of Gadoya Group which got established in 2001. Through ethical and professional practice we make sure that we are constantly growing by investing in cutting edge machinery and training processes. Our 7000 sq. meter manufacturing facility in Sharjah allows us to facilitate quality growth with sustainability. We prioritise the nurturing of our employees through culture, management and initiatives that cater to their development and care.

GAMA Engineering is one of the leading companies in UAE offering customized Electrical & Automation solutions covering LV & MV Switchgears, ELV Systems, Busbar Trunking Systems, Energy Management Solutions, BMS, GRMS, Lighting Control Systems, Home Automation and, engineering services such as 3rd Party Testing & Commissioning, HVAC TAB Works, and Electro-Mechanical Services amongst others. While GAMA Engineering plays a crucial role in the development in the greenfield, our holistic package of solutions and specialized expertise in retrofitting of Switchgears, Energy Management Solutions and Predictive Maintenance Contracts have made us pioneers in bringing sustainability to the brownfield as well.


Sabin Plastic

Started in 1997 by Mr. Satish Gadoya is a part of well-established Gadoya Holdings, Sabin Plastic, headed by Mr. Sachin Gadoya (MD) is today a renowned company in the Plastic industry that caters to multiple other industries like Construction, Aluminium and Engineering. Mr. Satish Gadoya, the face behind the recognised name has elevated the quality standards over the last 24 years making Sabin, the leading manufacturer of plastic injection moulded products, like spaces, medical boxes, lids, blow moulded products like jerry cans, plastic bottles, acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheets and accessories, print media, cladding sheets, and more.


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G.E.M Trading Services

Established in 2018, GEM trading has steadily developed into a company which has continuously performed with quality and efficiency. GEM trading has the advantage of the well knot network in OMAN and other GCC countries. With our widest array of products from switchgears to cables; chargers to transformers our company develops a huge range of products and services which do  not only compliment but also stand out with quality and standard. GEM trading and services offer trading along with the ease of access to the experts and professionals to ensure only the best and the most viable solutions.


GEM Trading
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Sabin Sign & Advertising

Sabin Sign & Advertising is a well established company under Gadoya Holdings. Sabin Sign specialises in acrylic fabrication, signages, displays and printing. Sabin Sign Advertising offers end to end support to clients ensuring customer satisfaction which enables in building long term client relationships. Having an in-house manufacturing unit of acrylic and polycarbonate, we not only offer competitive prices but offer best quality as well. We also pose ourselves as one of the leading distributors of materials used in sign and display industry. We invest in the latest and the best machinery such as Zund and HP which enables us to stay ahead of our competitors. We strongly believe in and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by introducing processes to reduce waste, using good design and manufacturing techniques to reduce material usage and investing in technology that is greener, ensuring a healthier future for generations to come.

Sign & Advertising

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Secure Trading CO. WLL - QATAR

Secure Electrical Trading Co. (WLL) is a trading company established in 2013 as stockist and distributor for low voltage switchgear/controlgear components. Over the years Secure Trading has steadily developed into a professionally managed company dedicated to serve its customers with high quality standards. Secure Electrical Trading Co. has a well-knit distribution network in the Qatar, also in other GCC Countries. We also supply the widest array of electrical switchboard and industrial components – from Circuit Breakers, Capacitors, Power Factor Correction equipment, Control Components, Copper Busbar, measuring instruments, Testing Equipment, Current Transformers, Changeover Switches & Isolators, Trunking/wiring accessories, terminals, Control transformers, Power supply/Battery chargers, Panel cables and Bakelite/PVC/Polycarbonate sheets.


Gadoya Electrical Switchgear Trading CO.

Gadoya Electricals has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of high voltage, low voltage, and distribution equipment. Formed in 2002 and headquartered in Sharjah, we seek to offer a comprehensive range of services across various sectors.

We provide solutions covering a broad spectrum of needs such as design, supply, testing, commissioning, and installation. As a matter of fact, our areas of expertise include the design and manufacture of electrical gear and equipment like transformers and switchgear. We believe in using innovation combined with technology to find reliable and safe solutions for our customers.


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Gama Trading Logo
Gama Electrical Trading

Set up in 1991 we built a well-knit distribution network across Qatar and other GCC countries which provides us with low voltage electrical switch and control gear along with highly advanced equipments. This is complemented and reflected by the widest array of electrical and industrial components from Circuit Breakers, Capacitors, Power Factor Equipment, Copper Busbar Current Transformer, Changeover Switches and Isolators, Panel Cables and many others. Other than trading, our specialised product support team also extends the service in the field of power quality solutions, Energy Management Systems and Building Automation.


Secure Electricals Trading CO. LLC

Established in 2013 Secure Trading developed into a company which was constantly motivated to dedicate only the best of the standard of quality and service. Secure Trading has prioritised four corporate values above all which are – Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Commitment. Our customer satisfaction has always exceeded customers expectations with our products and facilities. Our strategy has always been oriented towards betterment of our quality and service with each step of production. With about 25 years of experience and contribution in Electrical switchgear Industry, the team continues to grow and enrich the product range. Associated to quality services, our range of products are adapted to all Industrial needs & guarantees our customers a safe, reliable and Quality Power.


Secure Electrical Trading Co. (LLC)
MGM Medical Center Logo
MGM Medical Center

MGM medical Centre was founded in October 2016 by Dr. Padam Mohnot a general practitioner who actively worked in the UAE since 1977 and under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani. Located in the heart of Sharjah our facility stretches over 4000 sq. meters. Our infrastructure has easy parking spaces along with state of art facilities and rooms. Under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the minutest details are given proper heed resulting in proper coordination and function in our facility. Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of our society through high-end infrastructure and skilled human resources. MGM’s dedicated team has all been handpicked on the basis of their exemplary credentials and expertise in diagnosis and treatment. Our multilingual and efficient staff is ever attentive to the needs of the patient. Moreover, our specialists make use of the latest medical techniques and equipment in their treatment procedures.

Recognizing the efforts and the vision of its promoters, MGM has already been recognized as an authorized healthcare service provider to the esteemed Sharjah Police Department.

Medical is the UAE’s first premium-experience travel website. Musafir offers flights to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over more than 1 million properties around the world, holiday experiences, UAE and Worldwide tourist visa services, and much more.

The word Musafir (pronounced moo-saa-fir) means “traveler” in Arabic and lives by three promises to all their travelers in everything they do – great choice, no-nonsense convenience, and a premium experience. was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani and Sachin Gadoya in August 2007 and was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani on April 23, 2009. The brand is incorporated under Universal Travels & Tourism LLC – an IATA accredited travel agency that was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani and Sachin Gadoya in 2005. They run a network of 9 branches in the UAE under the brand and have served over a million travelers through their branches and the flagship website since the inception, and have grown exponentially since then.

Universal Travels & Tourism LLC is a proud member of the Gadoya Holding Group of companies, which stands today amongst the most successful businesses in the region.

Travel Logo Logo - Qatar is the UAE’s first premium-experience travel website. expanded its wings into Qatar in 2017 and has since grown multi folds. The brand also offers Musafir Business services, an application made easy for corporate travel. Musafir Business helps you understand travel and save on budgets. It offers options across 250.