About Polycarbonate Textured Rolls

Textured Polycarbonate rolls are a very popular choice for a wide range of applications in industrial and residential uses. They come in various sizes and colors. There is texture on 1 side and a plain surface on the other side.



  1. Polycarbonate roll is UV resistant.
  2. Advanced UV resistance technology that promotes long lasting outdoor weathering performance.
  3. Outstanding impact strength.
  4. Excellent dimensional stability.
  5. High temperature resistance, and high clarity..
  6. Lightweight & thermoform-able sheet is also easy to fabricate and decorate.


2m x 15 m1.6mmClear / Bronze
2.05 x 15m1.7mmClear / Bronze
2.05 x 15m2.4mmClear / Bronze
2.10 x 15m2.4mmClear / Bronze
2.10 x 30m2.4mmClear / Bronze