About Us


Sabin Plastic was established in 1997 under the leadership of Mr. Satish Gadoya, the chairman of Gadoya Holdings.

Sabin was started with the motive of providing industry-leading products in terms of quality. With advanced processes and stringent quality control, Sabin has been successfully leading the industry while bolstering other industries such as construction, retail, food and health, aluminium, and much more. Starting as a part of the already established Gadoya Holdings, Mr. Satish Gadoya vision took Sabin to new heights, and the climb is nowhere near stopping. Sabin Plastic is the leading manufacturer of Injection Molded products such as spacers, shims, etc; Blow moulded products like Jerry cans, bottles, etc., and we provide post molding services such as ultrasonic welding, screen printing, etc. Sabin’s trading division is the industry-leading supplier of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, ACP and many more products related to the plastic industry, While Sabin Sign & Advertising focuses on providing excellent advertising solutions such as Signage, Display, Fabrication, Printing and much more. We have a dedicated team to assist our clients in every step of the process, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Sabin is the one-stop solution for all your industrial and business needs.

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Satish Gadoya
At Sabin, we understand the expectations one has from high-end precision component suppliers. We strongly emphasize on timely deliveries, process improvement, economic pricing of products, and training of personnel.
Mr. Satish Gadoya
Group Chairman
Sabin Plastic Head Office

Our Facilities & Infrastructure

The entire journey of a plastic sheet/product starting from procuring raw materials, customized molding to making smooth and high-utility designs is taken care by the proficient in-house setup and machinery. 

We are proud to have procured both, the skilled techniques of our workforce and the ideal set of technology required to enhance the function and moldability of any plastic as per the industry specific requirement. Have an in-depth look at our futuristic facility to know more.

Setting a New Standard


To produce and provide the highest value to our customers, creating products large and small with equal dedication and effort. With each product designed and produced to make people’s lives easier, our products impact the world, we make sure it’s a positive one.


We strive to stay committed ethically and sustainably in a manner that inspires our customers and the communities we serve. We do also engage in learning, unlearning and mounting the changes that happen in and out of the industry to stay a step ahead in the scale of excellence.

What we Stand for

Innovations for a better world


Over the years, we have grown both socially and economically. Some of the major factors that have contributed to our growth are:


We foster talent by creating encouraging teamwork and motivating leadership capabilities to succeed.


We respect each stakeholder and ensure transparency in our business dealings at all times.


We use the best available technology and processes to deliver maximum value for our customers.


We ensure the highest standards of safety and eco-friendliness to exceed our stakeholders’ scrutiny.


We believe in transparency, commitment, leadership and communication in all our activities and decisions.

Why Sabin Plastic

From value to impact

Concept to Creation - Sabin Plastic
Concept to Creation

Sabin Plastic has an in-house facility to manage every step of the process of creation. This is why we call our process "Concept to Creation" because right from the start to the finish, everything is handled by us. This ensures better efficiency, full quality control, and the flexibility to design and allows us to create new products in better methods, partnering with premier brands to successfully deliver products that exceed expectations.

Quality Control - Sabin Plastic
Quality Comes First

Right from our choice of raw material, to the manufacturing process and methods, we ensure that whatever we produce, from the smallest products to the largest ones, have the highest quality possible. What makes us different is the technology we use and our quality control. This includes using the latest and best HP printers, injection moulding machines to ensure high quality, and a host of other little things that keeps us ahead of the competition.

Efficient Production, Low Cost - Sabin Plastic
Efficient Production, Low Cost

We employ modern production methods, added with advanced machinery and a dedicated team of people who design every process in such a way that allows us to efficiently manage production and ensure a low cost for our customers. With more production capacity and streamlined processes, we are able to ensure faster, better production at a lower cost.

Customer Support - Sabin Plastic
Customer Support:

Sabin takes pride in our customer support services because we believe that our customers are made for life. We offer excellent after sales support, aiding you in every doubt, question, or service that you might need help in. A dedicated team of professional customer service representatives are always there for you.

Success in Growth - Sabin Plastic
Success in Growth

At Sabin, we believe that success comes with growth, and not the opposite. This philosophy has led us to grow not just as a company, but as a large family, and we consider our customers as a part of our family too. With excellent workplace environment, a healthy and happy atmosphere, happy employees with maximum workplace safety, Sabin has been growing and proliferating for decades. The growth will never stop, so will the success.

A Host of Products - Sabin Plastic
A Host of Products

Sabin is the one-stop shop for all your industrial and advertising needs. We provide a range of high quality and durable products, along with reliable services. - Plastic Products: Mould and Dies manufacturing with Injection and blow molded plastic products. - Sabin is the leading and preferred supplier of high quality polycarbonate, acrylic, Industrial sheets and more. - Sabin Sign offers excellent advertising solutions, from design consultation to fabrication, installation, and repair services. Sabin handles each and every step of the process.

Leadership Team

In the very culture of Sabin as a company, leadership is seen more as a collaborative effort put in for the ideal optimization of resources while ensuring the workforce employed is satisfied.


Our Business


Life at Sabin

Behind A Quality
Product and
A Recognized Company,
It's the People Who Make Things Happen!

The people who dedicate their time and energy and work relentlessly towards the vision of the company.

Client's Speak

From design to production to shipping, the people at Sabin Plastic inspire enormous confidence in the quality of their products and the quality of their service. We are highly satisfied with their high performance plastic parts supplied to us.

I highly recommend Sabin Plastic company for engineering polymeric parts. It is a pleasure working with this brand. It’s managers’ expertise proved to be invaluable as we worked through the design, manufacturing and validation stages of all our parts requirements.

We have developed a great partnership with Sabin Plastic in the past few years. We have been pretty impressed by the quality of their Molded Parts, and also their turnaround time. We have tried several companies in the past, but so far none matched the quality of Sabin Plastic products

Sabin Plastic combines two important elements I wish I had received from every supplier: True expertise in its domain and, a highly responsive customer service. Sabin Plastic engineers and sales staff have proved to be great collaborators for the design and development of spacers. I would recommend Sabin Plastic to anyone needing high quality plastic products

We are working with Sabin Plastic for over years, and the company never disappointed us, both in quality and delivery of products and services. We can say that their rigid and flexible food packaging products have the best hygiene level standards with food compliance certification.