Display Stand Manufacturers

Displays play an integral part in sales and marketing. They help showcase products in a visually appealing way creating an engaging experience for the customers. Displays are of many types:

Visual displays for store windows, retails fixtures, pop-up stores or kiosks, products organisers, FSDUs & many more. 

These displays find application in a wide range of industries, providing effective solutions for product promotion, brand awareness, and engaging customer experiences.

Retail Fixtures

Retail fixtures are mainly permanent display structures and units. These are used in stores or other retails outlets to showcase and organize products or merchandise. They can include shelves, racks, display cases, clothing racks, and are customised as per the brand requirement. Retail fixtures are designed to optimize space, enhance product visibility, and create an attractive shopping environment.

Industries: Retail fixtures are utilized across various industries, including:

Retail Stores: Clothing stores, department stores, specialty shops, and supermarkets use retail fixtures to display and organize products.

Showrooms: Automotive showrooms, furniture stores, and electronics stores employ retail fixtures to showcase their products.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Retail fixtures are used in temporary setups for showcasing products at trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions.

Hospitality: Hotels, resorts, and spas use retail fixtures for retail spaces, gift shops, or mini-markets.

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are transparent structures made from acrylic material, designed to showcase and present products in a visually appealing manner. They come in various forms, including countertop stands, wall-mounted holders, brochure holders, display cases, and more. Acrylic displays offer clear visibility, durability, and customization options, making them popular for product promotion and organization.

Industries: Acrylic displays find application in numerous industries, including:

Retail: Acrylic displays are extensively used in retail stores, boutiques, supermarkets, and malls to showcase products, such as cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, apparel, and more.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Acrylic displays are essential for presenting products, brochures, and promotional materials at trade shows, exhibitions, fairs, and conventions.

Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and resorts utilize acrylic displays for menu holders, table signs, brochure stands, and promotional displays.

Museums and Galleries: Acrylic displays are commonly used in museums and art galleries to exhibit artifacts, artwork, memorabilia, and information panels.

Healthcare: Acrylic displays are utilized in medical facilities to showcase health-related products, brochures, or informational materials in waiting areas, pharmacies, or reception areas.

Events and Promotions: Acrylic displays are employed in event settings, such as product launches, promotional events, and brand activations, to showcase products or convey information.

Pop-ups & Kiosks

Pop-ups and kiosks are temporary or semi-permanent structures designed for quick setup and dismantling. Pop-ups are temporary retail spaces that can be set up in vacant storefronts, event venues, or public spaces. Kiosks are small freestanding units often found in shopping malls, airports, or outdoor locations, providing a focused point of sale or information.

Industries: Pop-ups and kiosks are utilized in various industries, including:

Retail: Pop-ups and kiosks offer retailers the flexibility to establish temporary or seasonal stores, launch new products, or test new markets.

Food and Beverage: Kiosks are commonly seen in food courts, shopping centers, and outdoor locations, offering quick-service food and beverage options.

Events and Festivals: Pop-ups and kiosks are popular at music festivals, fairs, and outdoor events, providing merchandise, refreshments, or ticketing services.

Technology: Technology companies often utilize pop-ups and kiosks to showcase and sell their latest gadgets, accessories, or software solutions.

FSDUs (Free-Standing Display Units)

FSDUs, or Free-Standing Display Units, are standalone structures designed to attract attention and showcase specific products. They usually feature shelves, hooks, or compartments to hold merchandise and are often branded to reinforce product messaging.

Industries: FSDUs are commonly used in the following industries:

Retail: FSDUs are extensively used in retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers to promote and highlight specific products or brands.

Consumer Goods: FSDUs are employed by consumer goods manufacturers to showcase their products in-store and stimulate impulse purchases.

Cosmetics and Beauty: FSDUs are widely used in beauty stores, salons, and department stores to display skincare, makeup, or fragrance products.

Food and Beverage: FSDUs are utilized in grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets to promote snacks, beverages, or new product releases.


Is custom made service available?

Custom made service is available. We can provide bespoke products fully according to clients' requirements.

Do you provide samples?

Samples are available. The sample lead time is 2-4days.

What kind of acrylic display products do you manufacture?

We manufacture and sell a vast variety of acrylic products. Our range includes leaflet holders, showcard holders, poster holders, menu holders, brochure stands, window displays, shoe stands, plate stands, ballot boxes, slat wall shelves and much more.

I’d like a colourful acrylic display, is this possible?

Acrylic displays can be manufactured in a wide range of colours, so no matter what your display and whether you decide on clear or colour, there will be an acrylic display perfect for you.


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