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High Performance Products (Concrete Casting Products)

Customize products for concrete pumping and concrete casting.


Concrete pumping and concrete casting.


CategoryColourCodePACKING QTY
Saddles314H- 1″SM-0299350 no.s
Grout pipeAs per RAL shadesSM-034850 metre
CentraliserAs per RAL shadesSM-0349300 no.s
ReducerAs per RAL shadesSM-0350600 no.s
HDPE padAs per RAL shadesSM-0351265 no.s
Joint big/smallAs per RAL shadesSM-0352500 no.s
Bolt InsulatorAs per RAL shadesSM-0353100 no.s

PVC End Cap For Hollow Metal Profile

Plastic cap to cover open ends of square and round metal tubes, mainly used by metal furniture industries and cable management companies.


Automatic industrial aluminum profile installation and fixing


SizeColourCodePacking Qty(No.s)
40x40mmAs per RAL shadesSM -0024B500
41 x21mmAs per RAL shadesSM -00235000
Round cap- 40mmAs per RAL shadesSM -0027500
Round cap- 48mmAs per RAL shadesSM -0028500
50 x25mmAs per RAL shadesSM -0030500

Scaffoldings and Form Works Accessories

We have done extensive research to manufacture strong scaffoldings. They are also equipped to offer a solid platform to facilitate different kinds of wooden profile and form of works.


  • Flooring Accessories
  • Strong scaffoldings
  • Solid platform
  • Wooden profile and form of works.
  • Outdoor ventilated terraces on pedestals


CategorySizeColourCodePacking Qty
H20FLATBlueSM -0042350
H20CURVEDBlueSM -0043350
Minima cap24mmRALSM -00185000
Blind Hole Cap23mmRALSM-0354500

De Watering cap

Manufactured with high quality raw materials and advanced technology, these de watering caps are suitable for underground water removal used in well point assembly.


These de watering caps are suitable for underground water removal used in well point assembly.


Category Color Code Packing Qty
Pipe end cap Red SM -0002D 500
Pipe end cap White SM -0001W 500

Panel Hole Plugs

We have a range of plastic hole plugs that are available in diverse designs and different sizes. Used as caps to cover door and profile holes, they are manufactured from products ranging from nylons to elastomers.


Used as caps to cover door and profile holes


SizeColorCodePacking Qty
9.5mmAs per RAL shadesSM-00591000
14mmAs per RAL shadesSM-00601000
17mmAs per RAL shadesSM-00615000
19mmAs per RAL shadesSM-00095000
22mmAs per RAL shadesCIA-34500

Safety Cap for Steel Rods/Bars

Safety caps are mainly used at the end of tubes and rods instead of welding them. These safety caps are made out of UV stabilized strong plastic material.


Used at the end of tubes and rods


SizeColorCodePacking Qty
13mmYellowSM -0051G1000


Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are manufacturer of injection and blow moulded products.

How long is your delivery time?

According to the difficulty and quantity of product processing, a reasonable arrival time will be given to you.

Do you provide HDPE end cap samples ? is it free or extra ?

Yes, we could offer the samples for free charge.

How can we guarantee quality?

We do pre-production sample before mass production. We do final Inspection before shipment.