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Fire Cylinder Accessories

Accessories for fire cylinders. The hose is adopted with high quality vulcanizate to be sunproof and durable.


Fire & Safety maintanance companies


ProductPackingCylinderItem Code
C02 discharge hose100 Nos5kgSM-0295
Dry carbon powder hose 1/2″100 Nos4.5kgSM-0304
Dry carbon powder hose 3/4″100 Nos4.5kgSM-0303
C02 CUP100 Nos2kgSM-0314
Yellow seal100 NosStd.SM-0347

Food Packaging - Plastic Lids

We are manufacturing plastic lids used on food packaging cans and pizza protection leg for keeping the pizza pieces arranged.


Our products are perfect for your businesses, restaurants, bakery and home-baked goodies. It will help you deliver your goods in a clean and elegant presentation whether it is for baking, cooking, food preparation and food service supplies.


ProductColourSizeCodePacking Qty
Lid for chips cupYellow65mmSM -0014D / SM-0014B3000
Lid for drynuts cupYellow84mmSM -0011G / SM-0011F/ SM-0011A1600
Lid for drynuts cupYellow99mmSM -0012G / SM-0012D / SM-0012A1200
Pizza protection legWhiteStd.SM-03461000


How can we guarantee the quality?

We do pre-production samples before mass production. We do the final inspection before shipment.

What can you buy from us?

Custom molded products such as lids, fire cylinder accessories, etc.

Why should you buy from us, not from other suppliers?

We have 25 years of experience in injection molding in the UAE.

What services can we provide?

TT, Cash, PDC, CDC, Credit facility available