PETG Sheets

PETG is a clear transparent sheet made from thermoplastic polyester. It is one of the most respected and trusted plastic sheets around. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with a high gloss surface finish. PETG sheets have very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures, and are approved for food contact applications.



  1. AAA PETG sheets are easily processed and can be moulded into different pieces and shapes.
  2. They are easily thermoformed, even in thick gauges up to 12 mm unlike Polycarbonate.
  3. PETG sheets do not require pre-drying and can be thermoformed into thicknesses greater than those of PMMA.
  4. They can be cold bent and laser-cut.
  5. PETG sheets have resistance to breakage, surface brightness, excellent chemical resistance and fire resistance, high impact strength, excellent transparency.
  6. They are easily thermo-formable, have high ductile strength, reduces noice transmission and are recyclable.


Thickness: 1~100mm
Size Thickness Colors
1.5 to 12.0 mm Glossy/Matt/Textured/Embossed/Crystal/Prismatic Clear/White/Green/Blue/Bronze


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Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight, shatter resistant, is easier to fabricate, and can be easily formed.

For cast acrylic 10 years warranty is provided.

Use a mild soap & water mixture with a gentle cleaning cloth. Do not use ammonia based cleaning solutions on the acrylic as it will eat into the sheet and cause it to craze

There is no MOQ for acrylic sheets, tubes and rods.