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Acrylic Fabrication

Fabrication is a process of manufacturing or making or creating products from raw materials. These services involve cutting shaping, bonding, bending, assembling and other processes to create a finished product. Sabin Sign Advertising fabrication services, offer bespoke solutions as per our client’s requirement to produce either single or bulk quantities. We specialise in all types of acrylic fabrication for varied sizes.

We cater to a wide range of industries including but not limited:

Hospitality: Due to the versatility of the material, Acrylic is used in hotels, restaurants, and bars for menu holders, table signs, and decorative elements.

Interior Design: Acrylic is a popular choice for going creative with modern & contemporary designs in residential and commercial interiors, such as wall panels, partitions, and furniture.

Museums and Galleries: Acrylic fabrication is crucial for constructing display cases, exhibit stands, and protective coverings for artwork and artifacts.

Healthcare: Acrylic is used for creating medical equipment, protective barriers, and signage in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Architecture and Construction: Acrylic finds applications in building facades, skylights, balustrades, and interior design features.

Automotive: Acrylic is used for manufacturing automotive accessories, such as light covers, instrument panels, and interior trim.

Electronics: Acrylic fabrication is involved in producing display screens, protective covers, and housings for electronic devices.

Acrylic Pools & Walls

Acrylic Pool Panels: Acrylic being a stronger than glass with a high optical clarity, acrylic pools and panels are gaining popularity. We specialize in supplying and installing high-quality acrylic panels for swimming pools, creating a visually stunning and durable pool environment. We cater to pool of different sizes and shapes and offer jointless wall panels or with hairline joints. From infinity pools to indoor pools we can cater as per the client’s choice.

Our acrylic sheets are also used for tanks and aquarium walls. At Sabin, we offer thickness upto 100+ mm or more upon request.

Acrylic s also used for Indoor Home or Office Walls to create a sleek & elegant look to the décor.

Perforated Cladding Panels

Acrylic or Metal Options: We provide all types of acrylic, acp, mdf, and other metal perforated architectural cladding panels, offering versatility in design and functionality.

We provide end to end services including Design, Cutting, and Installation, to ensure a seamless and visually appealing finished product.

ACP sheet is a popular choice when it comes to outdoor or indoor cladding, due to its versatility.

Roofs & Skylights

Skylights: Skylight provide natural light and are a visually striking architectural feature. We provide installation of acrylic or polycarbonate skylights depending on its application. These can flat or curved in the shape of domes. Domes: We specialize in designing and installing acrylic domes for roofs, providing natural light and a visually striking architectural feature.

Pergolas: Our pergolas are constructed using high-quality materials, offering both shade and aesthetic appeal.

Louvres: We provide louvre systems that allow for adjustable light and ventilation control, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.

Windows & Louvres: Our acrylic windows & louvres are durable, lightweight, and provide excellent insulation, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of any space.

By offering a diverse range of fabrication services, we aim to meet the specific needs of our clients while providing exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every project we undertake.

Partitions & Balustrades

At Sabin Sign Advertising we provide al types of partitions & barriers primarily made of acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheets are clear and stronger than glass and hence highly recommended for uses like protective counter barriers, partitions for safer distancing, balustrades and staircase or balcony railings. We can customise as per the requirement in terms of size, shape & colour. We are not limited to acrylic but also Polycarbonate fabrication for gate fencing.

Covid Barriers, Counter Partitions, Office Partitions, Railings & Fences

Custom Acrylic Products

Customised Display & Gift Boxes: From big to small, covered or open, plain or printed. We specialise in making all types of acrylic boxes. These boxes are used for We create custom acrylic boxes for various purposes, providing a transparent and elegant storage solution.

Domes & Spheres:  We specialise in creating all sizes of acrylic domes and spheres. These are used for art or brand installations, displays, covers, architectural & decorative features, etc. These bespoke acrylic domes & spheres are thermoformed & crafted with precision.

Acrylic Awards & Plaques: Acrylic awards & plaques are a durable alternative to glass or crystal mementoes. These are made of thick acrylic sheets and can be engraved on with details as per requirement. Acrylic awards, trophies & plaques can be made in various shapes, sizes & thicknesses for a sophisticated way to commemorate and honour achievement.


Do you take custom requests?

Yes. If fact we have a quick form that helps with exactly that. You can go directly HERE

Can the sneeze guards be configured anyway?

They are modular in a way that they can be arranged side by side to cover longer areas. There is no limit to how many modules can be used together. We also have CORNER modules that can be used in addition to regular panels.

Are polycarbonate sheets strong for fencing?

The panels are virtually unbreakable. They have an impact strength 200 times greater than glass, 8 times greater than acrylic.

Can you bend the polycarbonate roofing panels?

Yes, you can bend the polycarbonate roofing panels


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