Technology Overview

Our Technology Overview

Our latest technology in printing and cutting helps us stay ahead of our time and competition.

We provide a wide range of printing and cutting solutions. From fabric to roll-up banners, your indoor communications are just as important as your outdoor signages. Our products are of the highest quality and can be made available to you in record time.

Due to our in-house facilities we can cater to quantities as low as one piece at unmatched quality and prices. We offer our services across all emirates ie, Dubai, Abudhabi & Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah & Umm Al Quwain.

HP Latex Printer - HP R2000 Series

The most powerful machine with printing capabilities on glass, acrylics, wood and Latex. The one and only machine in UAE.

Key Features:

  •  Indoor / Outdoor Media
  • Eco – Friendly – Recyclable and Odorless
  • Non-Toxic – This machine uses water soluble inks making it environmentally sustainable and suitable to be used for products used for schools and hospitals
  • Day & Night Printing – This unique technology ensures the colours visible are the same at any time of the day.
  • Immersive printing: The latex ink allows the surface of the media to come through i.e. if printing media is wood the grains of the wood can be seen through the printing.
  • High speed production and faster delivery.
HP-Latex R2000 Plus Printer | Sabin Plastic
Zund Cutter - Sabin Plastic

Zund G3: Digital Cutter

Zünd cutting systems are based on a modular design concept that is unique in the market, flexible, and easily expandable. Configure your digital cutting system according to your specific requirements. Invest in cutting technology that is both powerful and future proof.

Key Features:

  • Fast cutting machine with precision.
  • Can work on unlimited length and 2.7 meters width media of up to 50 mm thickness.
  • The scope of materials will be paper, plastics, wood, honeycomb boards, ACP (Aluminium composite panel), aluminum, brass, foams, cardboards, etc.

Laser / CNC Engraving & Cutting

Laser engraving and cutting allow any design, logo or text to be engraved on a material. The procedure allows clean cuts which result in sharp and smooth engraving on any material like acrylic, wood, plastic, foam, leather and more. Laser cutting and engraving is a fast, clean, safe and precise procedure with great end results.

Laser Cutting Engraving in Dubai | Sabin Plastic
CNC-laser-cutting Dubai - Sabin Plastic

Acrylic Engraving

Engraving on acrylic allows a see-through optical clarity which also gives a dimensional perspective. One can even use lights to brighten up and bolden the engravings on the sheets. Cast acrylics are best to use for laser and engraving procedures. While extruded acrylics can also be used, they both react differently to lasering. Engraving on extruded sheets will give you a clear end result instead of frosted.

Acrylic Bending

Acrylic bending allows to mould acrylic into any shape size or form. It can be used to make acrylic display stands, domes, mobile holders, desk barriers, signages, boards, brochure stands and much more. Acrylic bending also called thermoforming can be used for a variety of purposes and spaces whether domestic or commercial. It is the technology of bending the sheet to any shape as per the design.

Acrylic-bending- Acrylic fabricators in UAE | Sabin Plastic


Polishing is an integral part of improving the product. Sabin has a trained team for polishing as well as a host of specialized tools for providing the best polishing. Polishing makes the acrylic sheet smooth and clean, improving the look and removing any surface imperfections. Our process ensures no debris and improves the clarity and shine. Sabin achieves this by using industry-leading techniques such as vapor polishing, buffing, flame polishing, etc to deliver maximum quality and minimum aberrations.


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