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Leaders of Providing High Quality Acrylic Sheets, Polycarboante Sheets, Industrial Sheets, Print Media, Adhesives, LEDS, and Much More.
Acrylic, Polycarbonate, ACP Sheets & other materials Trading Tompany in Dubai & UAE | Sabin Plastic

Integrating Experience,
Innovation and Technology

Sabin has expanded its wings in a multitude of directions over the last 24 years and continues to cater to its customer with exceptional quality of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Print Media Materials, Polymer sheets, LED, Display Products and Adhesives. Every single product is thoroughly inspected for optimum quality and delivered with care. We at Sabin, leave no scope of compromise in the entire process – right from receiving the order to delivery.


Lighter, Tougher, and Better than Glass, with all the Good Qualities of Glass. Acrylic is the perfect replacement for traditional glass with more color and size options. Easier to cut, fit and place, it is the unbreakable glass for all your needs in an ending list of varieties. Sabin provides cast and extruded Acrylic Sheets of various types like Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet, Coloured Acrylic sheets, Tinted Acrylic Sheet, Mirror Acrylic Sheet, prismatic acrylic sheet, and much more.


Polycarbonate sheets are 30 times stronger than acrylic. Polycarbonate Sheets are co-extruded with high-density ultraviolet rays in order to provide excellent resistance to colour and surface degradation. They offer a combination of properties such as high transparency, high impact and fracture resistance, high heat resistance, good dimensional stability and good electrical insulation property. They are also readily recyclable and have excellent process ability. Polycarbonate sheets are widely used for roofs, greenhouses, signages and much more.

Sabin manufactures and supplies a variety of polycarbonate sheets such as fire resistant polycarbonate sheets, Crystal Polycarbonate Sheet, Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet, tinted solid polycarbonate sheet, and much more.


Elevate your printing capabilities with Pixeljet Printing Machines. Our diverse range of high-quality printers, powered by cutting-edge technology, enables you to not only meet your current signage needs but also unlock exciting new revenue streams through innovative applications. Proudly crafted in India, our one-of-a-kind, sustainable offerings are cherished by customers worldwide, making us your eco-conscious partner in transforming the world of printing.


Sabin Plastic offers a range of LED strips and modules along with waterproof transformers. Our LED’s reduce energy consumption, has excellent durability and come in different colours. LEDs are easy to install and have a wide range applications ranging from decorative purposes to commercial signboards and more.

Sabin is one of the most reputed Aluminium Composite Panel sheet suppliers. We provide different colours and textured ACP sheets. Sabin Plastic aluminium composite panels are high quality, durable, and strong. ACP sheets are mainly used for cladding across various industries. Sabin Plastic ACP panels come with PE and PVDF coating both FR and non FR.


The Strength of Steel in the form of glue and tapes. Sabin’s glues are produced with high-quality raw material, advanced processes and the most stringent quality check. We make adhesives whose bonds are hard to break.

Sabin is one of the leading suppliers of high quality TESA tapes, chloroform and Sabin Glue. Adhesives are used in many different applications with new uses being discovered every year. The usage and diversity of tape and glues will continue to grow as a solution to fastening and joining due to advances in adhesive technology, ease of use, and its low cost compared to traditional fastening systems.

Industrial Sheets

Industrial Sheets are material which require no finishing and are so flexible that they can be bent, cut, routed, and welded to create products that suit various industries’ needs. Sabin Plastic’s industrial sheets also known as polymer sheets are good quality and durable. We manufacture superior quality HDPE, GPPS, ABS and Extruded sheets These industrial sheets are ideal for all types of residential and commercial outdoor cabinets, storage, furniture as well as lockers, signage, restroom partitions, and also antimicrobial furnishings for healthcare environments.

Client's Speak

Sabin Plastic has always been our reliable partner in fulfilling our clients’ needs. With Sabin Plastic, we can seamlessly cater to specific requirements such as acrylic and polycarbonate sheets, and also meet the required quality and standards. This has led to our long standing business relationship with Sabin Plastic.

Sabin Plastic scores over its competitors in delivering quality acrylic sheets, acrylic hinges, and acrylic glue. It consistently beats its own previous delivery records by getting work done ahead of already aggressive schedules.

We have had an outstanding experience with Sabin Plastic’s products as well as customer service. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy from Sabin, without a second thought.

Sabin Plastic is responsive, honors deadlines, and offers competitive pricing. In the three years we’ve been purchasing acrylic, polycarbonate sheets from them, we’ve found that they always go above and beyond the expected customer service.

Sabin Plastic has been supplying acrylic sheets for my manufacturing facilities for several years now. You can take my word on their on-time deliveries. The Sabin Plastic managers are always on top of all requirements and make sure that we have the material needed, as per our request.

Sabin Plastic is our valued supplier of acrylic sheets. It has been consistently meeting, even exceeding our quality, service, and delivery expectations. We are proud to have a partnership with Sabin Plastic for more than 10 years now. We had an outstanding experience with Sabin Plastic and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy acrylic sheets without a second thought.


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