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About Clear Acrylic Sheets

Our Clear acrylic sheets are available in cast and extruded qualities. Our sheets have light transmission of about 93% and with better clarity compared to most of the products available as well as in comparison to glass.

Our extruded sheets come with elevated hardness and can also be easily molded.

Available in standard sheet sizes and thicknesses from 2mm to 50mm.



  1. Suitable for protecting the polishes and fittings, doors and windows, etc.

  2. Excellent Transparency Surface suitable for buffing, and polishing without damaging the edges.

  3. Superior weather and chemical resistance.

  4. Good electricity insulation UV light resistance.

  5. Easy to clean, easy to process, easy to maintain.

  6. Low water absorption


Size Thickness Colors

1830 x 1220 / 6 x 4 ft

1mm – 25 mm


2440 x 1220 / 8 x 4 ft

1mm – 40 mm


2000 x 3000

3mm – 30mm



Yes, the clear acrylic sheet can be easily replaced by glass and is more durable and easy to clean.

Yes, these sheets are easily available and come in standard sizes and various thicknesses.

The clear acrylic sheets can be used for various residential and commercial purposes They can be used as cabinet doors, DIY projects, Picture frames, countertops, furniture, as well as signage and protective shields, and many more.