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About Pixeljet Velocity Flatbed Printer

Big on size big on performance

The Pixeljet® Velocity Flatbed Printer is a high-capacity printer that can print on many different things. It is ideal for product customization to various rigid applications and substrates, including wood, glass, ceramic tiles, PVC, UPVC, home appliances, melamine, acrylic, Doors, windows, and many more.


• Door Printing

The Digital UV door printing machine from Pixeljet® breathes life into Almirah doors and enhances home design. Pixeljet® Velocity offers remarkable versatility, enabling easy printing on wooden and metal doors. With the UV Varnish Solution, users can apply varnish directly to graphics via print heads, whether as an all-over coating or spot-highlighting, resulting in more vivid and brilliantly finished prints.

• ACP Sheet Printing Machine

With Pixeljet® ACP sheet printing machines, you can print directly onto large-sized ACP sheets. Pixeljet® Velocity and Pixeljet® Impulse can produce high-quality and durable prints on ACP sheets, with a remarkable printing speed of up to 525 sq. ft/hr, making them highly productive for your ACP sheet printing needs.
Elevate your printing capabilities, boost your productivity, and explore endless creative possibilities with the Pixeljet® Velocity Flatbed Printer. Revolutionize your printing endeavors today!

Additional Benefits

• Greener and More Eco-Friendly Printing

Environmentally friendly UV technology that reduces carbon footprint.

• Low Maintenance Costs

Keep operational expenses in check with minimal maintenance requirements.

• Faster Production Times

Achieve quicker turnarounds, boosting overall productivity.

• Lower Costs

Eliminate the need for extra finishing steps, saving time and money.

• Easy Customization

Offer personalized and tailored products with ease.

• Wide Range of Media

Print on various materials to cater to diverse customer demands.

• User-Friendly Operation System

Simplify the printing process with an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

Features & Benefits

1. Automatic Anti-Crash Sensor

The automatic sensor is a safety feature that identifies the surface or media. It senses & anticipates media conditions and safeguards print heads from potential damage.

2. UV Varnish Solution

This feature enhances visual quality and adds tactile attributes to your graphics. Direct varnish can be applied via print heads as an all-over coating or spot-highlighting, resulting in vivid and brighter finishing touches.

3. Mechanic Superiority

The printer has a dual lead screw and dual guider broadside scanning mechanical structure, offering industry-leading precision. With a 45 kg/sqm table loading capacity, automatic take-off facilitates printing on various media sizes. Additionally, auto-detection of media, origin detection, and pneumatic medium jack-up make loading large-format media effortless.

4. White Ink Recirculation

White ink recirculation eliminates ink starvation and safeguards printheads from clogging hazards, ensuring uninterrupted and consistent high-quality printing.

5. Pressure & Ink Supply Control

The closed-loop automatic control system ensures reliable printing quality, with pneumatic control components improved from Japan, guaranteeing exceptional results.

6. Color Options

Configure your printer to meet specific color needs, whether it's KCMY, KCMY LcLm, KCMY*2, or KCMY + W. Additionally, the printer offers the flexibility to spray white color as a bed cover or for spot-color printing.


Model Pixeljet® Velocity
Color 4 color/double 4 color/ 6 color/ white or varnish
Printhead Stainless steel industrial grey scale high speed print head (7-35pl) Ricoh Gen5, 1280 Nozzles, 30Khz, Dual port
Resolution Upto 2400 dpi
Printing Speed Upto 525sq.ft/hr (Depends on number of print heads
Media Glass, PMMA, Ceramic Metal, Paper, Wood, Leather, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE
Size of Material Maximum printing area (Rigid material): 2680 mm width x 2200×3048 mm depth Maximum material size (Rigid material): 2700 mm width x 1330 mm depth
Thickness of Material Upto 100mm
Image Format TIFF, JPEG, PS, EPS, PDF
Ink Type UV Curable Inks
Ink Capacity 2.5 litre drums, automatic ink control
Ink Supply System Auto negative ink supply
Power Supply 15KW AC, 50Hz, 220V (+- 10%) >20A
Printing Software Photoprint/Onyx
Accessories Air Compressor & Vaccum Blower
Operation Environment Temperature: 18 – 260C | Humidity: 40 – 70%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3820 x 3950 x 1500 mm
Package Dimensions (LxWxH) 4050x2200x1350mm & 4070x870x1000mm
Net Weight 1800 kg
Safety Certification CE Certification