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About Pixeljet UVmini

The Pixeljet® UVmini is the ultimate solution for small UV printing businesses. Thanks to its highly efficient UV LED technology for curing ink, it’s incredibly versatile. You can use it to print on various materials, making it perfect for mobile covers, corporate gifting, POP/POS displays, awards/trophies, and many other products.


Pixeljet Powerpro HB 2000 offers a wide range of applications due to its flexible features.

1. Industrial Y Structure Frame

This printer is tough and built to last with its industrial Y frame and structure.

2. Industrial Servo Motor

The high-performance industrial servo motor ensures precise control of the printer's movement.

3. Ricoh GH2220 Printheads

The latest Ricoh GH2220 printheads allow continuous, high-quality printing with excellent cost performance.

4. Negative Pressure System

This printer has a separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply. It uses digital control with pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability.

5. Vacuum System

The vacuum bed holds the printing material steady, ensuring stable printing. With a button, you can quickly turn the vacuum system ON/OFF from the control panel.

6. Mechanical Material Alignment System

Achieve precise and consistent media placement with the mechanical alignment point.

7. Emergency Stop Switches

Safety first! You can stop the printer's operation from any side with the emergency stop switches.

8. White Ink Circulation System

This system keeps color particulates in motion, improving stability and pigment dispersion in the ink reservoir and path.

9. Low Ink Volume Reminding System

When the ink volume is low, the printer alerts you with a light and a beep.

10. Automatic Height Detection

The printer automatically adjusts its height when it touches the printing material, ensuring optimal printing.

11. Ink Back-Flow Protection

To protect the negative pressure system, the printer automatically stops the ink supply if inks back-flow to the negative pressure container.

12. Variable Ink Dot Printing

Save ink and achieve smooth, natural gradation with the variable drops function, which simultaneously provides three different drop sizes. It's like having multiple shades in one print.

Additional Benefits

Perfect for Corporate Gifting, POP/POS, Mobile Covers, Photo Albums, and More:

This printer is ideal for various applications

1. Eco-Friendly UV Technology

It's environmentally friendly and doesn't use much power.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Keep your costs down while running a smooth operation.

3. Faster Production Times

Get your prints out quickly.

4. Easy Customization

Make each print unique to your customer's needs. Wide Range of Applications: Print on various materials.

5. User-Friendly Operation System

It's easy to use, even for beginners. The Pixeljet® UVmini is your key to unlocking the world of small-scale UV printing. Bring your creative ideas to life with precision, ease, and cost-effectiveness.


Model Pixeljet UVmini
Printhead 5×Ricoh Gh2220 industrial printhead Up to 6×printhead (Optional)
Structure Industrial Structure Frame with Heavy Duty Y-Bar
X&Y Motor High Quality Servo Motors
Maximum Print Size 100cm(Width)×160cm(Length)
Printing resolution 720×1200dpi/720×900dpi
Printing direction Uni and Bi-direction
Printing Technology Variable Dot Printing(Grey Scale Printing)
Media Table. Size 105cm(Width)×165cm(Length)
Max. Thickness 7cm with infrared Sensor Protection
Weight 30kgs
Ink type UV LED Curable Inks
Ink Color C,M,Y,K White(Standard), Varnish (Optional)
Ink Capacity 1500ml Bottle
Ink Supply System Negative Pressure System(NPS)with Automatic Ink Supply
UV Technology Dual UV LED Lamp
RIP ColorGate(Bundle Version)
Interface USB2.0
Power requirements 220-240V,50/60Hz
Assembled Dimensions 2150*2218*1132mm
Net Weight 450kgs
Printing Speed
Resolution 720×1200dpi 720×1200dpi
Number of Pass 8Pass 12Pass
Direction Bi-Direction Bi-Direction
Speed 5 sqm/h 3.7sqm/h