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About Pixeljet ULTRON Series

The Pixeljet® UV Hybrid printers are the epitome of versatility, engineered to invigorate your business and supercharge productivity. With the capability to print on virtually any material, these printers unlock a realm of endless possibilities for your enterprise

Features & Benefits

1. Elevated Productivity

Pixeljet UV Hybrid printers, exemplified by the Glass Printing Machine, are high-speed LED UV curable inkjet systems designed for short runs to high-volume production. They effortlessly handle multiple jobs of varying media sizes, offering edge-to-edge printing that eliminates the need for extra finishing steps, ultimately saving you time and money. Multilayer printing enables the simultaneous printing of multiple color and white ink layers, streamlining the process.

2. Superior Print Quality

Pixeljet UV Hybrid Printers can print on practically any rigid and roll-to-roll material, delivering exceptional print quality on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor media. These printers excel from corrugated boards to plastics, acrylic, glass, foam boards, exhibition panels, wood, aluminum, MDF, PS materials, and a wide range of flexible media.
With white ink and six colors featuring RICOH Industrial-grade print heads, they produce prints that provide a competitive edge. The high-density color printing function enhances brightness, intensity, and vividness, while UV prints are water-proof, anti-scratch, and abrasion-resistant.

3. UV LED Print Technology

The inclusion of powerful UV LED lamps for the curing process brings several economic, ecological, and business-generating benefits: LEDs are cool and emit minimal heat, enabling printing on heat-sensitive substrates. The instant switch on and off feature eliminates lamp warm-up time, resulting in faster operations and higher productivity.
Minimal energy consumption leads to significant power savings. LEDs last for at least 5,000 hours each, ensuring consistent output without lamp change downtime or consumable lamp costs.
Mercury-free LEDs eliminate disposal-related costs and don't produce ozone gas, obviating the need for ventilation.

4. Unlimited Applications

Pixeljet UV Hybrid printers offer endless application possibilities, including banners, posters, signage, displays, exhibition graphics, POP & POS, mock-ups, backlit and front-lit signage, self-adhesives (labels), and personalized objects. From DVDs to wood, art reproductions to architectural and interior decoration, and ceramics to glass printing, these printers can handle materials up to 100 mm thick, ensuring boundless creative potential.

Additional Benefits

Pixeljet UV Hybrid printers bring forth a wealth of advantages to your business, including:

1. Hybrid Design for Versatility

These printers seamlessly handle rigid and flexible media, expanding your creative horizons.

2. Eco-Friendly UV Technology

Experience greener and cleaner printing, reducing environmental impact.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Keep operational expenses in check with minimal maintenance requirements.

4. Faster Production Times

Achieve quicker turnarounds, boosting overall productivity.

5. Lower Costs

Eliminate the need for extra finishing steps, saving time and money.

6. Easy Customization

Offer personalized and tailored products with ease.

7. Consistent Print Quality

Deliver reliable, high-quality prints that exceed

8. Glass Printing Machine

Pixeljet® Glass Printing Machines, exemplified by the Velocity Flatbed Printer, are ideal for product customization. They offer high-volume, versatile UV flatbed printing capabilities that cater to an array of applications. The optional varnish feature enhances visual quality and adds tactile attributes to graphics, allowing for all-over coating or spot-highlighting.
These machines are renowned for delivering vivid, brilliant finishing touches, making them the industry's best glass printing machines.
Elevate your business with Pixeljet® UV Hybrid Printers and discover a world of endless possibilities, efficiency, and quality. Revolutionize your printing endeavors today!


Model Ultron+ Ultron
Technology Piezo Drop on Demand
Printhead Stainless Steel Industrial Grey Scale High Speed Print Head ( 7-35pl ) Ricoh Gen5, 1280nozzles, 30khz, Dual Port
Color 4 Color/2X4 Color/6 Color (White & Varnish)
Resolution Up to 2400 dpi
Printing Speed Upto 45 sqm/h (Depends on number of printheads and colour configurations)
Material Thickness Up to 100 mm
Drying System UV LED Lamp
Printing Area Flatbed : 3300 mm x 1800 mm Roll to Roll : 3200 mm Flatbed : 2600 mm x 1220 mm Roll to Roll : 1800 mm
Maximum Material Size Flatbed : 3300 mm x 1815 mm Roll to Roll : 3300 mm Flatbed : 2700 mm x 1250 mm Roll to Roll : 2450 mm
Ink UV Curable Ink
Ink Supply System Automatic Negative Pressure System and Tank Capacity of 2.5 liters
Computer Control System Windows 7/10 – 64 bit, 8 GB RAM
Rip Software Photoprint Cloud/Onyx Pixeljet Edition
Power Supply 230V, 24A, 15KVA Single Phase 230V, 20A, 12KVA Single Phase
Dimensions 6000 mm x 3300 mm x 1520 mm 4830 mm x 2470 mm x 1580 mm
Net Weight 3550 kgs 2280 kgs