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About Pixeljet TORPEDO

Premium quality and extreme productivity

The Pixeljet® TORPEDO is engineered for users seeking top-tier quality and exceptional speed in their printing needs. With the incorporation of Konica Minolta KM 1024iSHE industrial-grade printheads, this printer delivers higher speeds and heightened productivity. Precision in its components ensures a longer machine lifespan and reduces service intervals, making it a reliable choice for businesses


The Pixeljet® TORPEDO finds its applications in a wide range of printing needs, including:

• Flex Banners

Ideal for producing eye-catching banners for advertising and promotions.

• Vinyl Banners

Perfect for outdoor advertising and signage

• Cloth Banners

Suitable for fabric-based banners and displays.

• Canvas Photo Prints

Offers the ability to create high-quality canvas prints for art and photography

• Stickers

: Efficiently produces stickers for various purposes, including branding and labeling.

• Glass Film Prints

Provides a solution for printing on glass films for decorative or promotional purposes.

The Pixeljet® TORPEDO is a high-performance printer designed to meet the demands of businesses looking for speed and quality in their printing operations. Its versatility and reliability make it an excellent choice for various applications.


1 Sustainable Printing

Supports environmentally friendly printing practices.

2 Versatile Usage:

Prints can be used indoors or outdoors with minimal or no odor from the inks.

3 Highly Durable and Economical Prints

Ensures durability and cost-effectiveness in printing projects.

4 Higher Resolution and Print Quality

Achieves superior resolution and overall print quality.


1. Konica Minolta KM 1024i Independent Drive Printhead Technology

Leveraging these printheads results in outstanding speed and productivity.

2. High-Speed with Best Quality Output

Achieves remarkable speed without compromising print quality.

3. Eco-Friendly UV LED Lamps3. Intelligent Infrared Heating System

Ensures efficient and consistent drying of prints.

4. High-Speed and Precision Printing

Features an FPGA raster control system for accurate and swift printing.

5. Motorized Dual Roller Feed System

Minimizes space requirements for loading and unloading media, optimizing your workspace

6. Digitally Controlled Servo Drive System

Offers consistent and extended prints, reducing downtime.

7. Advanced Media Sensor

Detects black and white media for versatile printing options.

8. Highly Efficient Cooling Fan System

Enhances drying, contributing to faster turnaround times.

9. Front, Middle, Rear Heater, and IR Heating System

Provides comprehensive drying capabilities, ensuring quality output.

10. Adjustable Vacuum Power

Maintains media flatness and prevents wrinkles, ensuring pristine prints.

11. Upgradable

Offers the flexibility to upgrade to higher models and configurations, adapting to changing business needs.


Model Pixeljet® Torpedo
Technology Piezo Drop on Demand
Print head Konica Minolta industrial-grade print heads KM1024i
Print head number 4 heads/8 heads
Maximum print size 3200
High print speed 120sqm 360×720 2 pass | 78sqm 360×720 4pass
Standard print speed 45sqm 720×720 4 pass
Quality print speed 30sqm 720×1080 6 pass
Media type Fabric, SAV, PVC banner, backlit fabric & film
Media heater Pre Heater, Middle heater and post heater upto 60° c High-Efficient IR heater with fan for fast drying
File format PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, AI
No. of colors 4 colors CMYK
Ink type Eco-solvent inks
Max. material size 3300mm
Resolution 1440dpi
Interface High-speed USB
Cleaning system Manual purging and cleaning
RIP software ONYX
Power specification 240V, 15A, 50Hz 1 Phase power
Operational Environment Temp 18-25” c humidity 20%-80% Rh
Dimensions and weight 5 x 0.8 x 1.8m/1200kg