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About Pixeljet impulse

The Pixeljet® UV Impulse Flatbed Printer is a direct printer with endless possibilities for various applications. Moreover, it provides the distinct advantage of product customization for an extensive range of rigid materials and substrates, including wood, glass, ceramic tiles, PVC, UPVC, home appliances, melamine, acrylic, doors, windows, and many more.


The Pixeljet® UV Impulse UV Flatbed Printer unlocks a world of applications, including but not limited to

• Customized wooden furniture and decor

• Branded glassware and ceramics

• Tailored PVC and UPVC products

• Personalized home appliances

• Customized melamine products

• Bespoke acrylic creations

• Unique door and window designs

• Large asbestos sheets printing

• Wall and ceiling panel printing

Experience a multitude of additional advantages with the Pixeljet® UV Impulse UV Flatbed Printer. Diversify your business horizons, catering to various applications and materials. This broadens your potential market and enhances your printing versatility, allowing you to meet diverse customer demands. With the UV Impulse, your printing endeavors are efficient, brilliantly creative, and customer-centric.

Features & Benefits

1. Automatic Anti-Crash Sensor

Detects & alerts media conditions in advance to safeguard print heads from potential damage. This ensures smooth and secure printing operations.

2. UV Varnish Solution

The machine offers optional varnish to elevate your prints, enhancing visual quality and adding tactile attributes to your graphics. Opt for varnish directly for all-over coating or spot-highlighting, bringing vibrancy and brilliance to your creations.

3. Mechanic Superiority

This machine can handle media with a loading capacity of 45kg/sqm due to its robust mechanical structure with dual lead screws & dual guiders. It provides automatic take-off for various media sizes, offering industry-leading precision, efficiency, and reliable media handling.

4. White Ink Recirculation

Prevents ink starvation and printhead clogs, ensuring uninterrupted and consistent high-quality printing. Say goodbye to print interruptions and wasted materials.

5. Pressure & Ink Supply Control

The closed-loop automatic control system guarantees consistently reliable printing quality. The Pneumatic control components, improved from Japan, ensure optimal performance.

6. Color Options

Configure your printer to meet specific color needs, whether KCMY, KCMY LcLm, KCMY*2, or KCMY + W. Also, the printer can spray with white color as bed or cover or spot-color printing. We are providing endless creative possibilities.


Model Pixeljet® Impluse
Color 4 color/double 4 color/ 6 color/ white or varnish
Printhead Stainless steel industrial grey scale high speed print head (7-35pl) Ricoh Gen5, 1280 Nozzles, 30Khz, Dual port
Resolution Upto 2400 dpi
Speed Upto 400sq.ft/hr (Depends on number of printheads)
Media Wood Panel, Aluminum Panel, Door Plank, Paperboard, PVC Expansion Sheet, Ceiling Panel, Glass, Ceramics, Acrylic, PVC etc.
Size of Material Maximum printing area (Rigid material): 2680 mm width x 1220 mm depth Maximum material size (Rigid material): 2700 mm width x 1330 mm depth
Thickness of Material Upto 100mm
Image Format TIFF, JPEG, PS, EPS, PDF
Ink Type UV Curable Inks
Ink Capacity 2.5 liter drums, automatic ink control
Power Supply 15KW AC, 50Hz, 220V (+- 10%) >20A
Power Supply AC 220 V ; 10%, 30 A, 50/60Hz
Printing Software Photoprint/Onyx
Accessories Air Compressor & Vaccum Blower
Operation Environment Temperature: 18 – 260C | Humidity: 40 – 70%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4820 x 2000 x 1500 mm
Package Dimensions (LxWxH) 4980x2120x1700mm
Weight 1300 kg
Safety Certification CE Certification