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About Pixeljet Genix

Power and performance at an entry-level price.

Pixeljet® Genix offers an unbeatable blend of power, precision, and affordability in the realm of UV printing. This cutting-edge printer, equipped with advanced RICOH industrial-grade print heads, caters to product customization and small UV printing businesses. It effortlessly handles various items, including mobile covers, trophies, photo albums, and gift items.

Features & Benefits

1. Exceptional Performance

Geix printer uses RICOH Industrial-Grade Print Heads for continuous, high-quality printing for exceptional cost performance.

2. Industrial Servo Motor

Precision control of the shuttle's movement for impeccable print accuracy.

3. Industrial Y Structure Frame

Built for durability, ideal for heavy-duty usage and long-lasting performance.

4. Negative Pressure System

Enhanced printing speed and stability with separate negative pressure systems for white and color ink supply.

5. Vacuum System

Secure media placement for stable printing, easily controlled via a panel button.

6. Mechanical Material Alignment System

Pinpoint accuracy and consistent media placement for flawless prints.

7. Emergency Stop Switches

Added safety with emergency stop switches on all printer sides.

8. Automatic Height Detection

Streamlined printing process as the altimeter automatically adjusts carriage height upon media detection.

Additional Benefits

1. Diverse Applications

Ideal for corporate gifting, POP/POS displays, mobile cover printing, photo album customization, and more, offering versatility for various business needs.

2. Greener Printing with UV Technology

Embrace environmentally friendly printing, reducing environmental impact while maintaining high-quality results.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Designed for reliability and minimal upkeep, resulting in lower maintenance costs and efficient operations.

4. Faster Production Times

Experience faster production thanks to advanced features and precise printing capabilities

5. Easy Customization

Effortlessly customize a wide range of items, catering to unique customer requests and expanding your offerings.

6. User-Friendly Operation System

Accessible to users of all experience levels, enhancing ease of use.


Model Pixeljet® Genix
Technology Piezo Drop on Demand
Print head Ricoh industrial grade print heads
Print head number 3 heads maximum
Maximum Print Size 600mmX900mm
Maximum Material Size 740mmX1120mm
Maximum Print Speed Upto 100sqft/hour (Depends on number of print head and color configuration)
Media Type Corporate Gifting, Photo Albums, Awards and Trophies, POP and POS, Mobile Covers, Direct to Objects, Gift Novelty Items and many more…
Drying System UV LED curing system adjustable for different materials
File Format PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, AI
No. of Colors (CMYK)x3, (CMYK)+W,V
Ink Type UV Curable inks
Resolution Upto 2400dpi
Interface High Speed USB
Print Interface Photo Print (Pixeljet® edition)
Power Specification 230V,10A, 50Hz Single phase power
Operational Environment Temp 18-25”c Humidity 20-80%Rh
Dimension & Weight 2135 X 1830 X 1295mm/400 KG