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About Pixeljet BOLT

1.8 M Eco-Solvent Printer
Limitless possibilities with economical investment

The Pixeljet® BOLT is a versatile and cost-effective eco-solvent printer, making it one of the most power-packed and efficient options for businesses in need of high-quality, high-speed printing while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Designed to meet the needs of users who demand premium quality and high speeds, this printer is powered by Epson E1 i3200 printheads, ensuring rapid and efficient performance. Its precision-engineered components ensure both durability and fewer required maintenance appointments, resulting in a longer lifespan for the machine. This reliable choice caters to a wide range of applications and opens up limitless possibilities for users, all within an economical investment.


The Pixeljet® BOLT is well-suited for a variety of printing needs, including:

• Flex Banners

Ideal for creating striking banners for advertising and promotions.

• Vinyl Banners

Perfect for outdoor advertising and signage.

• Cloth Banners

Suitable for fabric-based banners and displays.

• Canvas Photo Prints

Offers the ability to produce high-quality canvas prints for art and photography.

• Stickers

Efficiently produces stickers for various purposes, including branding and labeling.

• Glass Film Prints

Provides a solution for printing on glass films for decorative or promotional purposes.


1. Efficient Media Heating

Three conductive heaters are strategically placed to ensure efficient media heating.

2. Anti-Crash Sensor

Equipped with an anti-crash sensor for fabric and soft materials.

3. Comprehensive Heating Systems

Front, middle, and rear heaters, along with an IR heating system, offer effective drying solutions.

4. High Precision Machine Parts

Precision engineering contributes to the machine's longevity and fewer service intervals.

5. Upgrade Flexibility

The Pixeljet® BOLT can be upgraded to higher-grade models and configurations.

6. High Productivity

Achieve increased productivity with faster printing speeds of up to 1800 sqft/hr.

7. Versatile Applications

Suitable for various applications, including fabric, SAV (Self-Adhesive Vinyl), PVC Banners, backlit fabric, and film.


Model Pixeljet Bolt 1.8 m Eco-Solven
Technology Micro Piezo drop on demand
Print Head Epson E1 i3200 heads
Print head number 2 heads
Maximum Print Size 1800 mm
Print Speed Draft Mode:40sqm 360X1200 dpi 2 pass
Production Mode: 38sqm 360 X 1800 3 pass
Quality Mode:30sqm 720 X 1200 4 pass
High Quality: 20sqm 720 X 1800 6 pass
Media Type Fabric, SAV, PVC Banner, Backlit Fabric & Film
Media Heater Pre-heater, Middle heater, and Post heater up to 60’c
File Format PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, AI
No. of Colors 4 colors CMYK
Ink Type Eco solvent inks / Mild solvent inks
Max Material size 1800 mm
Resolution 1800 dpi
Interface High-Speed USB
Cleaning System Automatic capping and Wiping system
Print Interface Maintop / Photo Print Software
Power Specification 230 V, 10 A, 50 Hz 1 Phase power
Operational Environment Temp 18-25”c Humidity 20-80 % Rh
Dimension & Weight 2785 mm X 670 mm X 1300 mm 260 KG